ANSWER: What is the best design of Hydrogen Generator

There are four popular ways to make hydrogen gas

1.  HHO.  Basically un-separated electrolysis.  Makes oxy-hydrogen mixed gas.  and it has the least BTU per cubic foot.  The most convenient, but cannot be safely pressurized and stored as the oxygen in it can cause a spontaneous explosion.  See…

Forget a prosthetist to build your prosthetic prosthesis device

When a person suffers the loss of a limb for any reason, they are then faced with the task of finding a good prosthetist and figuring out how to get the best possible prosthesis. Wherever one  chooses to go for a prosthesis, you may be faced with the harsh reality of limited or no prosthetic coverage in your health plan.

There is then another thing to consider - a prosthetist may only be in want of the next cash infusion to support the business and your needs will fall completely outside of the realm of consideration.

Climate Change solutions Trump never embraced

Concrete is one of the biggest CO2 emissions sources on the planet.  The industry in many places around the world are working to reduce to near zero emissions - often due to government mandates,  For instance in Australia, Wagners is a concrete company that uses a polymer - a.k.a. plastic based concrete.  See…;  Regular Concrete's main ingredient is responsible for 7% of global man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

New spin for combustion power

What we do is not new . . .  it dates back to a patent July 2, 1935, 2,006,676 granted to Charles Garrett for a device called an "electrolytic carburetor"

The way Garrett and others have tried to do this - will never work because of the chemistry and the needs of the engine.

Why has this not ever taken off . . .  well . . .  that is because of the technology of the era persistently from then until now it has always been cheaper to just use fossil fuels.  that and the SPACE required for the proper device just does not exist in most vehicles.

Do the Math - The US economy, energy, food and jobs

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You would think someone in the US Government can "Do the Math" - but they cannot it seems.

Make no mistake - the joblessness scenario is tied to operating costs of businesses.

Those operating costs are directly tied to the costs of distribution and operating costs of offices et cetera.

Electricity is expensive and so is fuel to move trucks loaded with goods and to do other services.