These are the two things you need but might not find locally to build a pressurizing gas system.  The regulator can be adjusted to control the pressure of the gas generator.and the switch is phenolic - not actual pictures

This is a custom part upon ordering is not refundable nor will be returnable.   Fuel injection systems operate between 30 and 60 PSI depending on the size of the injectors and amount gas needed.

This is an adjustable Pressure Regulator With Gauge, Maximum Inlet Pressure 150 PSI, Outlet Adjustable: 10-60 PSI, All Brass Construction,  Maintains Selected Pressure For Circuits Totalling 5-179 GPH, Made In USA.

Comes with diagram on how to use in a gas circuit with a gas generator.

The horizontal float switch is for use in the filling circuit with a Relay.  100 PSI max.  Polypropylene.  White. 

Contact Rating   70VA/ 50W 

Type    SPST 

Max Switching Voltage  150VAC /200VDC  

Max Switching Current  0.7A AC /1.0A DC

Wires     22 awg PVC 2

Operating temperature   -15 TO 221'F


The value of this item is the diagram on how to use this, as it is the main issue of getting any gas fuelling system to work.

4 hours online consulting included for one application.

This is a custom part upon ordering is not refundable nor will be returnable.

We vend other items and system parts that may not be listed in the online store for general public purchase.  Contact us through the message feature.  Four  hours of consulting is available included via email in the purchase price via our message system through this site only.  This item is sold outright and may be used as you see fit. We will not however, assist with unlawful or dangerous implementation of this product.