Onboard Generator hydrogen gas-from-water generator by miniaturising our electrolyzer technology to fit onboard a vehicle so you can add hydrogen gas into your engine without hydrogen gas storage tanks via a real SPE/PEM electrolyzer: Solid Polymer Electrolyte SPE / Proton Exchange Membrane PEM hydrogen-gas-from-water electrolyzer.

This will reduce your emissions and fuel costs plus extend your mileage with more onboard autonomy.

If you have questions beyond the FAQ and  Terms of Service - buy this video first for $9.99 plus shipping as you select =>  https://bigbay4bestbuys.com/gashole_video and in the Notes Section of the checkout - ask them.  Most solutions are custom engineered, this item is 9.99 plus shipping, and gets you a basic use FreeFuelSystem Gas Station Program 3 month paid license credit, affiliate status and possibly a right to franchise also.  Due to EPA Clean Air Act policy as an EPA registered US Company and Federal US Law we must do it this way.

This is a custom part upon ordering is not refundable nor will be returnable.

The onboard Generator hydrogen gas output is 600 ml/minute = 36 liters/hour with power input of DC 12v/30A at up to 0.3 MPa / 44 psi to match what most fuel injection systems operate at. 

The diameter of the electrolyzer is about 6 inches round by 9 inches tall.  Four  hours of consulting is available included via email in the purchase price via our message system through this site only.  This item is sold outright and may be used as you see fit. We will not however, assist with unlawful or dangerous implementations of this product.

AGAIN . . . This is a custom part upon ordering is not refundable nor will be returnable.

This a la carte option does not include, tank, plumbing, design instructions, pump, hoses, or sensors - generator only - you need to have us design a full system for that above to be included.