The IMEI is a way to assure each vote is one time only and unique by a single person likely. 

You MUST enter the same IMEI TWICE before you can checkout. . imei One is a check field to assure it the IMEI is valid and the second triggers the grant to vote  forever is registered after checkout.  If both are not present the account will not function and may be deleted later.   You can find it by dialing *#06# on the cell phone dialing keypad and you copy it to the clipboard if you are signing up using the cell phone by a long press and release when it turns blue and then select copy when the select buttons show up. 

This allows you to Vote in the Polls. A $.2.00 one time charge is to offset the cost of running the site, and sending results to the officials the poll is the subject of. An IMEI is used to make the votes unique and you may only vote once for a given poll but forever in any poll that is created and posted.   You can suggest a poll in the notes section at checkout or by private message after checkout.  Do not use the BITCOIN option - bankcard use is required. 

After you add this to the cart you will go to the checkout which creates an account and assigns the ability to vote when checkout is complete. Of the $2.00 charge, the card processor takes $0.30 (30 cents) plus three percent of the total. So about - 36 cents, so no one here is going to get rich. As more users register the website will have to be scaled up costing more money to operate.  Also in the future programming will be done to narrow voters to specific zip code areas so the message of the poll can target specific officials representing specific areas be thys State, Local or Federal. (Not live right now)

The more people that sign up and and vote in the polls - will cause a need to expand the hard drive space and servers so the fee is to offset that as this is a public service for democracy.  The more people that sign up - the more legitimate the voice of the people will become - and this is a one time fee.

Of course the more people who register and vote the better the results are in terms of power, also the payment identifies you are real, in America likely and an adult.  We do not get or keep your card number - it is securely tokenized and sent to the card processor. With APCI compliant charge gateway. 

Our voting polls have credibility because each vote is one time only and unique by a single person likely due to the fact that the IMEI of the account is tied to and preventing fake accounts.  We will delete accounts that abuse the signup with boogus IMEI's or multiple accounts.   Of that 1.62 cents approximately that we get to keep, we will give you 10 cents for each new voter you refer that signs up as  being an automatic registered affiliate.   Your affiliate link you can send to friends and others is a=123 Where 123 is your unique user ID number you get upon completing the checkout.   You can find it by logging in and looking at the url window where it will be /user/123.  ( Actually it will be 5 digits or longer) It will also be in the account details email sent you after completing the transaction.  This is a setup fee not refundable.