This is our product CD.  It has literally over 1,100 pages of hundreds of items we can get for your needs.  The prices depend on what we are forced to vend it you for - as to whether you have insurance and want it billed, Medicare, Medicaid or you want a cash transaction.  Believe it or not - the pricing is somewhat set in the law and policies of the insurance carriers and what they or law requires.  A cash transaction is the lowest cost, but these items are NEW and usually not cheap.
This item is a CD only of over 1,100 pages with illustrations - and is .05 cents  product cost plus the web site default for shipping of $14.95 - $15.00 total.
Not EVERYTHING we carry or can get as Prosthetics, a Prosthesis and / or Orthotics is in the this catalog, but 99 percent of the items are.  We simply could not afford to spend thousands of hours listing all the items and the hard drive space they would have taken and in the online website database. 
Some items in the Catalog for a Prosthesis do require a Physician or Medical Professional order be sent to us directly.



This item and any parts vended to you from it is for personal use only and should not be used to shop a prostheticist for what you see in it - they will not like that most likely, and will want to know more about where you got it more than likely.



You cannot go into business selling the items from it, and you cannot go into business being a prostheticist.  Many states require a State issued license to do so, but you can service YOUR OWN prosthettic device or re-buildit, or build fone for yourself from scratch - NEW.
The Prosthetic industry wants to believe there is something special about building a leg prosthetic when there is not.  The industry wants you to believe there is some kind of "magic" only a prostheticist can perform when it is NOT - it is only an industry kept secret they do not want you to know.
If you do not know where to start, or you have an amputation coming up you will be subjected to - this book is for you. The Prosthetic industry wants to keep you from buying parts direct, like external prosthetic things and parts are controlled medical devices, when the truth is - they are NOT controlled medical devices.



Otto Bock normally sells only through certified prostheticists certified by them, so most of their items are not on this CD – including the C-leg and all associated parts, accessory items, feet and et cetera.
This belief came about when and because Insurance carriers required a prescription from a Medical Doctor before they would be able to PAY for a Prosthetic item - and has been grossly twisted and distorted as to the truth and distributors and most prosthetic manufacturers thus will not sell direct - actually simply because they just want to deal with personnel who know the jargon and because manufacturers warranties are tied to proper installation. the FDA which regulates the prosthetic industry, only considers INTERNAL (i.e. surgical devices like hip replacements etc) prosthetic "medical devices" which require approval and thus prescriptions.
This is the companion CD to the Book - "Amputation and the Lies They tell You" where you will find some  interesting things you should know about drugs, the insurance industry, Medicare and Medicaid as it relates to prostheses, and why a Prostheticist is really not your friend.