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eBay, the biggest online marketplace, also has the highest seller fees and costs. This means sellers on eBay MUST charge higher prices to cover those higher fees, and you pay for it. We sell most any new item you can find on eBay at least 5 percent less, - or we will try to get it for less for you; but we do not take PayPal, only Amazon Payments.


This has been the best year yet for eBay Inc., an e-commerce pioneer founded in 1995 when the concept of buying merchandise online seemed absurd.  Online shopping has since become a staple for hordes of consumers, turning eBay into a thriving business and a Wall Street favorite.  For sellers, not to be left out are required to fork over 10 to 15 percent of the sale when selling through eBay - not to mention the double dip of PayPal - the quiet hush preferred method of payment - and other approximate 3 percent.


But the growing popularity of smartphones and tablet computers is once again changing the way many people shop. EBay is trying to remain at the forefront of the shift by retooling its online bazaar and popular payment service, PayPal, to work better with mobile devices.  eBay says its mobile applications have been downloaded on to more than 120 million devices, putting its services in easy reach of consumers even as they peruse the aisle of brick-and-mortar stores.  But the more savy shopper is using search shopping engines like Nextag and Google Shopping to find even better deals from wiser companies who stay clear of eBay's interferring ways into their sales, and we pay 1 to 3 percent cash back when they do.


American Express is famed for its "Buyer Protection" accouchements if you as a merchant accept the card.  American Express yearly fees and transaction fees are higher also for this reason.  PayPal is really no different - except the eBay and PayPal 
"Buyer Protection" programs by design interfere with, and over-ride the seller's terms and conditions - in which case the seller has to bear the higher costs of accepting PayPal.  It is a great "consumer" tool in appearance, but it flies in the face of California law in what the California Commercial Code provides as a dictation on the kinds of transactions eBay and PayPal are traditionally  involved in.  eBay and PayPal is just about the only place on the internet where you will find such a program - and the reason is - no one else is so unwise as to get in the act of violating state law rights of others.  


eBay and PayPal has been involved in a multitude of litigation mostly ALL surrounding their internal policies which violate a parties State  and Federal law rights through the eBay and PayPal "User Agreements" - which are adhesion  .  The California Civil Code at section 1667 defines the User Agreements are unlawful and illegal if the violate a users' state law rights - and they do.  Until now, no Lawyer has properly plead in a lawsuit what is really going on.


Google Checkout on the other hand specifically does NOT interfere with the transaction but only has policy which must be in place to guide the transaction.


This is thus your centralized place to locate auction and online deals often better than eBay. there are other online auction and "penny" auction sites where you can get things for less. We advise you stay clear of "penny auction" sites, like "BidCactus or QuiBids, or be prepared to either pay the full price, or loose a certain amount of money trying to win an item.


We list the item for FREE, and upload it to the Google Merchant Center also called "Google Shopping".  It stays there as long as it takes to sell it  - at no cost to the seller.  If the listing is SEO worded properly and at a lower cost that other competing sellers - it sells realy fast, at no cost to the seller.


When it sells we send an order to the sller who ships it direct to the customer.


Sellers do not need to know the web to now get the best listings in search engines anymore !!!