Stripe vs PayPal - the better choice is Stripe !!

Let us start with WHY Stripe is the better choice.  Stripe is the closest thing to a true MERCHANT ACCOUNT as you can get.  There is no "Buyer Protection Program" which will interfere with your sale - unless you violate Stripe Terms, the FTC Mail order rule, or are a general fraudster.  There is a thing known as "friendly fraud" where buyers set out when purchasing to try to set up a charge back scenario to scam a free item. 

Stripe leaves you to the Network rules through the bankcard network and does not interfere.  That is huge - especially on a high ticket item and the Bankcard networks traditionally support your policy of the sale if it is clear and especially if it is a click through - or found on the same page as the advertised items you are selling.  Banks look for friendly fraudsters trying to chargeback and usually deny them - whereas PayPal enables them by not looking closely at all.   

That does not mean an attempted chargeback does not sting and the money is taken immediately pending the outcome - it just means Stripe won't interfere with their policies which may conflict with your or state law like PayPal does.

There is site at which has an article this one is based on which has a skewed view toward PayPal as being better - and they do not address that above at all or consider it.  To a merchant - living in fear of friendly fraud charge backs and interference with PayPal's "Buyer Protection Program" whether direct on through eBay is terrifying.

Stripe is the only real competitor for PayPal in the payment gateway industry. Stripe Inc enhances a full spectrum of payment types and processes a full range of currencies. Unlike PayPal, which is a frontend "aggregator" payment processing brand,

Stripe is a backstage "merchant account" type  payment processor. In fact Stripes terms integrate you with Wells Fargo Bank. Stripe payment processing does not involve an email frontend account as PayPal does and your clients will get to interact with your website alone; they will not interact with the Stripe website.  They cannot tell the difference between simply paying with a BankCard

The Benefits of Using Stripe

Stripe credit card processing is simple and straightforward because that’s what Stripe does: it processes credit card payments. It is as simple as that.

  • Stripe provides access to more payment options than PayPal and these options may include Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Android Pay, e-checks, credit and debit cards, ECH and EFT transfers, whichever you choose or want to demand to accept.
  • Stripe offers a myriad of API integrations, which means that you no longer need to depend on Stripe’s internal analytics and reporting exclusively, but you can smoothly integrate their dashboard with lots of software.
  • Stripe has dedicated libraries for major platforms built on PHP, React Native, Ruby, Angular, Laravel, Vue, and others, and provides dedicated plugins for major platforms, such as WordPress, as well as Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and others.
  • Stripe is used by some of the world’s giants, including Target, Blue Apron, UnderArmour, and Facebook, which goes to show its reputation.
  • Here on this site we handle all of that above for you as a connected customer of ours to Stripe.

The Downsides of Using Stripe

  • Setup if you are doing it yourself: in a direct Paypal vs Stripe comparison PayPal gets to win with its easy setup process. Stripe’s setup is a difficult if you are doing it  and its major downside as a payment processor unless yiou have a ready to go module for a website frontend.. The painful setup has driven many sellers into the arms of PayPal because they want the easy route.  However for a customer who does not want to set up a PayPal account - it is something that can drive customers away.

Stripe involves juggling with the API key one time and your site absolutely needs an SSL certificate, but here we use a wildcard cert for all stores with a

  • Availability: Stripe’s availability is worldwide to many countries on their service list, but is limited to some locations and banks, although their network is currently expanding. You must live in a country that is supported to take payments via Stripe.

If you live in the United States, you can take payments from customers that live in Stripe supported countries and some that are not.

Paypal vs Stripe

paypal v  stripe

  • Reporting Tool: when you consider Paypal vs Stripe, you must consider their ability to generate reports and Stripe’s Sigma wins because it allows you to create tailored SQL queries to produce reports. Stripe’s reporting tool allows the generation of customizable reports, which is a great benefit if you are looking to analyze significant business data or integration with for instance Quickbooks.
  • Virtual Terminal: PayPal has a virtual terminal, and surprisingly, Stripe does have the same solutions despite starting as and online processor. .  A virtual terminal is essential to certain brick and mortar or mobile businesses, especially those that require PCI compliance.

Both Stripe and PayPal focus on offering a solution to online payments processing, but their approach is different:

  • PayPal is the easy-to-use, entry-level online payment solution that is within reach of anyone with a minimum understanding of technology and e-commerce. It is a multi-feature payment solution (POS integrations, invoicing, mPOS) that works online and offline.  It can also cost you lost of money in losses via friendly fraud you can do nothing about or combat because PayPal enables it.
  • Stripe is a developer-level, online payment solution created for businesses requiring a technology-based tool that can be customized extensively. Stripe is ideal for those who can utilize and need online payment processing with lots of customizable features they can take with them if they build a new website
  • Contrary to the  belief of the site mentioned above, Stripe does have POS Terminal abilities and solutions.  See e.g. and as the The Miura M010 is the ideal card reader choice for both mobile and stationary card acceptance. Together with the optional stand, it also works perfectly as a counter-top device. 

    Using the Miura M010, merchants can accept all sorts of card payments, including contactless and mobile payments like Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.  it is even available on Amazon to purchase for under $100.

The final word on the Paypal vs Stripe comparison

The site above has got it wrong.  Stripe is the better option.

You can come to a full conclusion after you consider several key facts about each online payment processor when you consider Paypal vs Stripe:

  • Stripe has lots of ready to go payment processing front ends or modules depending on the platform your webstore is one and is a good option for developers, while PayPal is the ideal plug-and-play solution for newbies
  • Stripe is popular, but PayPal is a more popular and more powerful brand.
  • PayPal’s pricing is ideal for non-profit organizations, while Stripe offers fewer fees for micropayments, recurring billing, and chargebacks, and other similar things. but to use higher ticket charge back type or custom items - PayPal is asking for trouble.

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