Fix my GM 6.5 diesel

The number one thing at the core of most all the cascading issues of the GM 6.5 Diesel is the lift pump

Don't waste time testing fuel pressure - junk the OEM pump and replace it with a Sure Cure Lift Pump solution - 95% of the time it will start if the batteries are fully charged to crank the engine at 200 .rpm and above and you have good glow plugs

If not the PMD Is blown or has loose connections and / or a bad calibration resistor -  actually caused at the root by the lift pump too - replace or repair it by replacing the power transistors, and it will start

95% of the time start with getting rid of the OEM lift pump completely.  tnhis is GOSPEL - you need 10 to 12 PSI of pressure - not 5 or almost 5 or five will do - it won't 10 to 12 psi or you are killing the entire DS4 Injection Pump system slowly

If you have bigger problems than that above - this article will not help you